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Professionally, I am a software developer living in northwest Donegal (Ireland). I graduated from NYU in 2010 with degress in Computer Science and Russian. I then went to graduate school at Uniwersytet Jagielloński in Kraków, Poland, where I received an MA in Central and Eastern European Studies in 2012. Should one wish to read it, the tome otherwise known as my dissertation on coalition formation in the Ukrainian parliament from 2006-2012 can be found here. I speak Russian decently and Polish slightly less decently, have a smattering of Gaelic, and can read in Latin.

I am currently employed as a Senior Researcher with Symas Corporation, which produces the best directory server technology on the market (I have the benchmarks to prove it). I am also the CTO and Co-founder of a company called StableRenters, where we aim to shake up the real estate rental market by holding landlords accountable for their buildings. A new site is under development.

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