Whee! I’ve arrived!

Somehow, my 3 bags + guitar and I managed to get to Krakow without anything getting lost. Unfortunately, for some reason, I thought that the dorm supplied linens. This turned out to be false. So, I dragged my jet-lagged self out to Ikea on public transportation. This may not have been particularly adventurous of me, but I was tired, and Ikea is a convenient option, since I know what they have. Plus, I needed dishes and silverware, too! (Ok, I admit it, reading Steig Larsson has revived my love of Scandinavian design – I can’t get enough of those clean lines!)

Anyway, here is my Ikea-decorated dorm room:

It’s pretty basic, but I’m going to be moving to an apartment (which I have yet to find) in about a month, so I didn’t want to fully unpack.

Today was first full day here – I opened my Polish bank account and set up my cell phone properly (I’ll write a full post on that later). I also walked around the Rynek Głowny, the main square of Krakow, and got oscypki, which are these really tasty smoked cheeses:

I also sneaked in a visit to the Bazylika sw. Franciszka, which is my favourite church in the whole world, I think. My photos never do the interior artwork justice, especially from an iPhone, but here’s one anyway:

On the agenda for today: go to the Muzeum Ethnograficzne (Ethnographic Museum) – I’m hoping to find some inspiration to redesign this blog there, lunch at the all-pierogi restaurant (I will find out the name when I go, because I forget it, although I somehow remember where it was located…), take some real pictures, experiment with my two new photo apps on my iPhone, and find some soymilk.

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