Restaurant Review: Trattoria Mamma Mia

One day after class, I realised I was craving pizza. Yes, this is incredibly American of me. Sorry. Most of the pizza here in Krakow is thin-crust, my favourite kind, so that is incredibly convenient for me. I headed off to Trattoria Mamma Mia, simply because it was close and convenient (a theme of my life). It’s definitely not the cheapest game in town, but it was really tasty. Really, really tasty.

I must admit, when I was heading there, I didn’t have high expectations (largely because of the tacky-ish name), but I was proven wrong. The restaurant actually has potential as a date place, and it also possesses a lovely summer garden. The service was also surprisingly above average for Poland (from my American standpoint). There is quite a range of prices on the menu: pastas are 14-24 zloty, meat and seafood are 20-40 zloty, and personal-sized pizzas are 15-25 zloty. I went with the Pizza Vegetariana (20.90 zloty), which was a cheese pizza with a variety of grilled veggies on top – yum! I devoured it at what was probably an alarming rate.

The menu presented what actually seems to be some more innovative dishes, and I definitely intend to go back to sample more, particularly some of the pastas.

Trattoria Mamma Mia
ul. Karmelicka 14
most entrees 14-35 zloty

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