Hell Week x 3

Well, we’re about to start the second week of exams here… The Polish university schedule is October-February and March-June, which is a bit different than it is in the U.S. This means that the breaks are approximately one week at Christmas, a week in February, and a week at Easter. I might be biased towards the U.S. system since that’s what I grew up with, but I must admit that I prefer having a shorter exam period and a longer break between semesters.

Here, the basic structure of exams is that there is one exam scheduled per day. Of course, since people generally do not study outside of their department or programme here, this is possible because there is no worry of exams overlapping. At NYU, the exam schedule was more or less university-wide, lasted about a week, and all exams were scheduled based on the meeting time of the class. Perhaps it does not leave as much time for studying when the exam period is so condensed, but I’d rather sit the exams and get them over with. Those of you who know me know that I’m not really much for doing formal revision (unless it’s the night before/morning of) or panicking about exams, so I find it rather tedious and irksome to have this extended exam period.

Instead, I am looking forward to Madrid/Morocco when it is all over!

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