Questioning Quality Control

I recently purchased a bag of pistachios for my snacking-while-studying method of studying (pistachios because they reminded me of the massive jar of pistachios that my mother gave me for Christmas one time, which took three apartments, a roommate, and 2+ years to finish). Well, in my pistachio-filled opinion, this bag of Polish (well, it actually says that the country of origin is Iran, but it implies that they were packaged in Polska) pistachios contains a very large percentage of empty shells or shells with a small, inedible, and dessicated-looking nut inside. Also, so far as I can tell, there’s no EU seal of approval or whatever it is on the packaging, which I think means that they are for domestic consumption only. Anyway, my question is this – will someone in the US go and buy a bag of salted unshelled pistachios and count the number of ones which contain no nut, the number which contain an inedible nut, and the total number? And then I’ll do the same with a fresh bag of Polish ones. And then I’ll compare! Who wants to play?

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